So you would like to have a custom logo, patchdesign or other product made. Amazing! 

There are a couple of things we're going to need in order for me to develop the perfect product for you. This page has been made to help both you and myself in the process.

For the full Terms and Conditions, please download the file below.

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The design process

Step 1. - The order

This phase of the design process is all about putting together the general idea about what you would like. And for that, I need a couple of things from you. It helps if you can answer the following questions:

- 1. What would you like precisely?
- 2. For what is it going to be used?
- 3. What kind of text needs to be used?
- 4. What kind of shape needs to be used?
- 5. What kind of colors need to be used?
- 6. What kind of style needs to be used?

You do not have to have answers to all of these questions but it helps to answer a couple of them to at least have a general idea.
Also try to provide me with inspirational photos/pictures or even sketches. With this information I have more than enough information to get going!

Step 2. - Brainstorming and development

During this phase of the process I will create two or more concept sketches using the information you have provided. The concept will get more and more finalized during this step in the process. I tend to begin with sketched art, then linework, then shadows, then colors and finally with text fonts. The process can differ from commission to commission, but I always like to include you as much as possible. After al; you are the customer!

It's good to realize that during this phase of the design process, changes can easily be made, so don't be afraid to be critical about the work I send your way! Generally, I will only allow for three big changes during the process, but don't hesitate if you're not completely happy with the work yet. We can see where we take it from there. 

Step 3. - The final steps

When there is a general agreement on a concept, I will finalize it. During this phase of the process it is only possible to change small aspects such as fonts. Your commission will either be processed as a vector in Adobe Illustrator or as a general file in Adobe Photoshop. 

When everything is ready, I will deliver the final product through e-mail in both PNG as PDF format. Please let me know if there's a specific size or other format type you want the final product to be.